Zoo Tycoon is a business sim that involves you running a zoo. It used a similar style to most Tycoon Games of the time, similar to Roller Coaster Tycoon. The game later had a fully Three-Dimensional sequel, Zoo Tycoon 2.


As with other Tycoon games, Zoo Tycoon has many menus where you can buy objects to add to the zoo. You could also do many other minor things, like re-naming guests and hiring Zoo Staff such as Zookeepers to fix up the zoo.

As you create your zoo, you must manage many aspects, including your animal happiness, zoo rating, and guest happiness. Animals are made happy by correct habitats and plenty of food and cleanliness. Guests are happy when they have ways to view the animals and things to amuse them. You also must provide benches and tables so your guests can rest.


The Zoo Staff you can hire consists of 3 main parts, Zookeepers, Maintenence Workers, and Tour Guides.


African elephant

African lion



Common Plains Zebra


Red Kangaroo

Black Rhino